Perfect Restoration Of Honda S2000 Is Mesmerizing To Watch

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It's all in the details.

Any gearhead worth their weight in carbon fiber will be able to recognize a Honda S2000, the older brother of the Civic Type R, from a mile away. These two-door, rear-wheel-drive high-revving sports cars have reached cult status amongst JDM fans, and ordinary enthusiasts alike. The folks over at Contempo Concept understand just how important the S2000 is, that's why they've thrown their weight behind one of the best OEM restoration projects we've seen in a long time.

According to the video, Contempo Concepts sourced the car for a customer who was looking for a clean S2000 to restore to its former glory. What they find is an Apex Pearl Blue S2000 with almost no mileage on the clock.

The narrator of the video below sounds as methodical as the restoration process itself: "The car had covered a mere 33,000 kilometers but was in rough shape. The paint had deteriorated badly and showed early signs of oxidation and there were a few scratches here and there, and a convertible top that had seen better days. Our mission is to make it look like new again, so the first thing we did was buy a ton of factory parts from Japan," he says.

The video shows the S2000 going through all the stages of the restoration process, and it does the soul good to see old parts being replaced with new.

Contempo Concept
Contempo Concept
Contempo Concept

From the perfect paint job, chassis clean and engine detailing, to the painstaking interior restoration and hardtop refurbishment, it is clear that the guys at Contempo Concept spared no detail when it came to this restoration project. By the end of the video, the car can be seen driving off into the sunset, with the narrator explaining how good this car still is in terms of driving dynamics and general feel.

If it were up to us, all Honda S2000s would be restored to 9,000 rpm glory and driven as hard as they were intended to, every single day.

Contempo Concept
Contempo Concept
Contempo Concept

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