Perky Peugeot Concepts

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While not sold in North America, Peugeot still knows a thing or two about designing some really interesting concepts.

Peugeot may never become a household name in America, but that doesn't mean that all of these Perky Peugeot concepts should be overlooked. In recent years, the French automaker has dramatically improved their styling, so it shouldn't be surprising to see such modern concepts. For example, Peugeot's recently announced 2008 concept crossover is the latest in a long line of killer concepts from the automaker. While many of these concepts are crazy to say the least, they still deserve a look.

The Peugeot E-motion is a sporty electric sportscar designed by Dario Gagula. The E-motion is a concept in its truest form and currently lives only on a sketchpad. Gagula hopes to build the E-motion when the technology becomes available in the future.

Ozkan Koral is the imaginative designer behind the Peugeot Ozone. The Ozone is a cylindrical two-seater powered by electric motors mounted in each wheel. The Ozone has a unique look to say the least and looks more like it belongs in an amusement park than on the road.

"Temporary balcony" is a phrase not usually used to describe an automobile. However, for the Peugeot Metromorph, it's quite fitting. The Metromorph was designed by Roman Mistiuk and inspired by the movie "Minority Report." The car is electrically powered and is designed to act as a temporary balcony when not in use.

Parking in tight spots would become infinitely easier if the Peugeot OMNI were to go from concept to reality. The OMNI is an electric two-seater powered by solar energy. Besides its looks, the big draw of the OMNI is its ability to rotate its wheels and drive sideways at slow speeds. Parallel parking, you've met your match.

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