Perrinn Launches New LMP1

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New racecar manufacturer launches with this customer-ready, top-tier Le Mans prototype.

There are works racing teams and there are independents. Works teams are fielded by major automakers, while independent teams are, well…independent. The latter often lacks the resources to develop its own cars, especially at the very pinnacle of motor racing. Like the LMP1 category at Le Mans. That's where racecar manufacturers come in. You may have heard of companies like Dallara, Lola and Reynard, but now there's a new kid on the block, and it's gunning straight for LMP1.

Called Perrinn, the company is based in Yorkshire, England, and is now ready to begin accepting orders on its new design. The project is the brainchild of former F1 engineer Nicolas Perrin, who set about designing the car while working on the former Aston Martin AMR-One for Pescarolo. Envisioned to comply with the ACO's latest regulations, the Perrinn LMP1 is ready to accept just about any engine the customer could want, and even a hybrid boost system. The first chassis will cost £1 million, but costs should go down with subsequent orders.

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