Petra Ecclestone's Entourage Shows Off Parking Douchery

Going shopping for a whole day, Petra leaves her Rollses and Ranges on the curb, then sends drivers circling.

Billionaire heiresses Petra and Tamara Ecclestone's parking abilities and behavior have already been widely ridiculed. But when Petra decides to hit the sales racks at London’s Harrods department store, she rolls upin a mega motorcade of Rolls Royces and Range Rovers, leaving them convenientlyperched on the sidewalk until parking attendants shoo her chauffeurs away. According to our friends at SOL, the drivers spent the best part of the day circling the block to avoid getting a ticket.

See what it takes to go shopping- Ecclestone style - and don’t miss the P3-TRA vanity plates on the white Range.

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