Peugeot 208 XY Concept, a Three-Door Luxury Car, Headed for Geneva


Peugeot try to compete with its sister brand Citroen in the three-door luxury car segment.

Peugeot's media department is bombarding us with press releases, the latest being another version of the Peugeot 208. If the previous one, for the 208 GTi Concept, excited us, the latest one that reveals a 208 XY, a luxury version of the 3-door version of the 208, left us confused. The reference to the luxury segment is similar to that adopted by Peugeot's sister brand Citroen, with its DS3.

While Citroen has a reputation for luxury cars, such as the DS and XM, Peugeot never aspired to have a role in this high-end segment of the market. In order to highlight the three-door hatchback it was painted in what Peugeot called 'Pulsion'. This paintwork received 16 coats of paint and lacquer in order to create the effect of color changes depending on the angle it is viewed at. The wheels are special chrome-effect 18 inch alloys, and the roof is of chrome trim with panoramic glass. The XY's exterior makeover is finished off with LED front headlights surrounded by the indicators.

The target audience of the 208 XY is city dwellers that, according to Peugeot, prefer "distinction and refinement." The refined car lovers heading to Geneva, however, may have other models on their radar.


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