Peugeot Bringing 500-HP SUV Concept to Paris


Quartz concept represents the French firm’s vision of a plug-in hybrid hi-po SUV.

Dubbed the Quartz, this is Peugeot’s new SUV concept that will debut next month in Paris. Hinting at a future high-performance SUV, the French carmaker says the design study boasts “the body of an SUV with the cabin of a saloon.” Under the long hood that blends into a low-slung cabin, lurks a four-cylinder gasoline engine rated at 168 hp and 243 lb-ft. Paired with two 114-hp electric motors, combined output of the plug-in hybrid SUV comes to 493 horsepower.

The powerplant is mated to a six-speed auto, while the front electric motor utilizes regenerative braking to charge the battery on deceleration and provides assistance to the engine on gear changes. A pneumatic system scans the road ahead using cameras and navigation data, adjusting ride height between 300 and 350 mm, while the ride is further steadied using a MacPherson suspension up front and a multi-link arrangement at the back. The svelte crossover sits on 23-inch alloys, boasts scissor doors, a retractable step for easy access and no B-pillar. LED headlights feature front and back, the front grille sports a prominent lion badge, and two small spoilers are positioned atop the rear hatch.

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Inside, the Quartz comes with four bucket seats with racing harnesses, and is trimmed in leather and “digitally woven textile” using fibers derived from recycled plastic bottles. The driver is faced with a multi-function steering wheel sporting built-in controls for shifting gears and head-up display, with driving info displayed on digital dashboard readouts.