Peugeot Citroen to Return to the US with its DS Brand?

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Only this time the cars probably won't break down.

The last time a Peugeot was sold in the US was back in 1991. The French automaker left the US market without a good reputation, as Americans didn't view the cars as reliable. That's because they weren't (generally speaking). But times have changed and PSA Peugeot Citroen is a very different automaker today. Perhaps it's time for a US return? That's exactly the plan, according to DS premium brand CEO Yves Bonnefont.

Speaking at the Paris Motor Show last week, Bonnefont said that "we want to make DS a global premium brand, and you cannot be global without the US." At the moment, however, none of the five DS models are compliant with US federal safety and emissions standards. Obviously that would have to change, but Bonnefont's return plan wouldn't be fully realized until early in the next decade. The idea, for now at least, is to sell DS models in 200 large cities worldwide after 2020. Of those, a total of 30 would be in North America and 20 in the US. DS became a sub-brand of PSA in 2010 when it launched the DS3, which has so far sold 500,000 units.

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