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Peugeot Debuts 208 R5 Rally Car in Paris

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New rally machine ready to tackle Intercontinental Rally Challenge, European Rally Championship and whatever you can throw at it.

Peugeot is preparing its next assault on the rally scene, and this is the machine with which it will do so. Called the 208 R5, it follows on the earlier 207 S2000 and the less-extreme 208 R2, and was just unveiled at the Paris Motor Show. Based on the new 208 hatchback, the R5 has a square stance, with all four driven 18-inch white wheels wearing Michelin rubber and pushed to such extremes that they're popping right out of the bodywork - all the better for keeping the car planted on asphalt, gravel, sand or snow.

Built to comply with the S2000 regulations, the 208 R5 is set to tackle series like the Intercontinental Rally Challenge and European Rally Championship. Privateer rally drivers can buy their own, however, for €180,000, and field it in whatever series they like. Power comes from the same 280-horsepower 1.6-liter turbo four that powers the RCZ Racing Cup car, driving all four wheels through a five-speed sequential transmission with no differential. (Live photos courtesy of Autoblog.nl.)

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