Peugeot Launches World's Smallest Car Dealer In London Phone Booth

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Can we even still call this a car dealership?

Normally, the launch of a new Peugeot dealership in the United Kingdom wouldn't be particularly newsworthy. But this isn't a conventional dealer – it's the smallest car dealership in the world. And by small, we mean the size of a 0.8 square meter London phone booth. From September 12, potential Peugeot buyers will be able to hop into the phone booth located in Russell Square converted by the automaker into an online showroom, and use a supplied iPad connected to Peugeot's 'Order Online' eCommerce system.

From here, users will be able to browse the latest models, configure, or buy a new car in minutes with a selection of finance options, but will only be able to access the dealership using a special code obtained from the Peugeot Russell Square website. After selecting an ideal configuration, users will then be able to visit their nearest "regular-sized" dealership for a test drive, and be able to log back into the portal at the phone booth to find their specification still saved. Not that many years ago, the process of buying a new car involved reading lots of printed literature and trawling around dealerships," said Peugeot's Managing Director, David Peel.

"Now, despite a car being the second-largest purchase most people make in a lifetime, it can be done from anywhere – even from inside a phone box." Nearly a million users have completed more than 134,000 vehicle configurations, and received more than 35,000 part exchange valuations since Peugeot's online ordering system launched. The most ordered car is the Peugeot 208, counting for one in every five cars bought. Whether we can still call this a car dealership is up for debate, since it doesn't have any cars on display. There are some 1:64 scale cars scattered around, but that doesn't count. Alternatively, you could just browse Peugeot's ordering website on your smartphone.

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