Peugeot Onyx Supercar Concept Wows in Paris

Peugeot won't surrender its home turf with this advanced copper-clad hybrid supercar concept.

Returning to the French capital only once every two years, the Paris Motor Show represents a rare opportunity for French automakers to show off what they've got. And Peugeot hasn't missed a beat, showcasing the striking Onyx supercar concept you see here. The hybrid supercar is powered by a 3.7-liter twin-turbo diesel V8 with 600 horsepower, an 80hp electric motor (whose lithium-ion battery is recharged by recuperated brake energy) and mated to a six-speed sequential transmission.

The powertrain is all well and fine, but what makes the Onyx so striking is its design. It's constructed from hand-shaped sheets of copper, carbon fiber and lightweight acrylic. The flat black paint also goes quite nicely with the shiny copper. The avant-garde look continues inside with a D-shaped steering wheel, even more carbon fiber, seats formed out of the shell itself and a sculpturesque center console. Although it likely won't make production, we're holding out hope that the monstrous diesel-hybrid powertrain previews a return to Le Mans for Peugeot. (Photos courtesy of Peugeot, Newspress and United Pictures)

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