Peugeot Previews Pikes Peak Racer

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Nine-time WRC champion Sebastien Loeb teams up with Peugeot and Red Bull to tackle the Race to the Clouds.

What do you do when you've won the World Rally Championship nine times? Anything you want. We're talking, of course, about Sebastien Loeb, the French rally driver who is to the WRC what Michael Schumacher once was to Formula One. Since (quasi) retiring from the WRC (where he's still reigning champion), Loeb has tried his hand at the FIA GT Series and won the season-opening qualifying race at Nogaro, France, in a McLaren MP4-12C GT3. Now he's heading to Pikes Peak.

To race at the famous hillclimb, he's partnering with Peugeot (sister company to his longtime WRC team Citroen) and longtime sponsor Red Bull, building a customer 208 T16 for the race. The team has now released the first teaser images of the completed vehicle, showing a 208 with substantially widened wheel arches, deep side sills, a big hood scoop, a giant rear wing and carbon-fiber bodywork. The cockpit is an intricate web of roll-cage reinforcements, with a single central driving position to carry Loeb – and Loeb alone – up the famous Colorado mountain this summer in the top-tier Unlimited class. This ought to be interesting.

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