Peugeot Releases Onyx Concept Ahead of Paris Debut

Experimental hybrid supercar concept shows what Peugeot can do when it's not building hatchbacks and pulling out of Le Mans.

The first major auto show of the season is set to open its doors in Paris, and French automaker Peugeot isn't about to miss the opportunity to make a splash. So in addition to a series of new production and pre-production models set to take the stage at Peugeot's show stand, the Lion marque is aiming to garner attention with the concept car you see here. Called the Onyx, the hybrid supercar concept was previewed with some teaser shots and video footage but has now been revealed in full.

The party piece of the Onyx concept is the raw materials from which it has been constructed. Hand-shaped sheets of copper form the fenders and doors, complimented by carbon fiber and lightweight acrylic windows and doors with a seamless compressed felt interior with integrated molded seats. Built around a carbon chassis, the entire vehicle is quoted to weigh just 1,100 kg. Power comes from a 3.7-liter V8 engine driving 600 horsepower through a six-speed sequential transmission to the rear wheels and mated to an 80hp electric motor powered by a lithium-ion battery pack recharged from brake energy.

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