TEASED: New Peugeot Concept Car Set For CES 2023

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Peugeot's upcoming concept shares some similarities with a 2018 concept.

Stellantis' Peugeot brand has delivered some new teaser images and videos for its upcoming Inception Concept. As with any good teaser, there isn't much to go on; just a few short seconds of film and a handful of photos. However, Peugeot has provided some hints as to what the concept will bring to the table.

Though Peugeot is known Stateside largely for its Volkswagen GTI-fighting hot hatches, this concept will show the brand has quite a lot more going on than that.

Peugeot says "a new formal language that exalts its feline and attractive attitude" exemplifies the concept, and that its "revolutionary" interior will be something to see to be certain. It also says the "Peugeot Inception Concept opens a new era based on the brand values, Allure, Emotion and Excellence."

Peugeot Peugeot Peugeot

Obviously, quite a lot of that is just marketing language. Or all of it. That leaves us with the images. A look through Peugeot's back catalog provides some illumination. The photo above, for instance, shows the concept featuring the same logo as the 2018 e-Legend concept, which we also pictured. There's more from the e-Legend here than just that.

Note the grille, which breaks away from the body at an angle, much like the front end of the revived retro-future coupe. Around the back, the lights feature a similar vertical arrangement, though we have to admit the shape is changed. These appear to reside behind some plastic or glass.

Peugeot Peugeot

Similarities continue with the silver paint, though that is also where they end, more likely because this concept should be something totally different. Based on the images we've seen here, we'd also put some money on numerous tie-ins to Peugeot's upcoming electrification, as is customary for a new concept car these days.

On top of that, we're also expecting some level of similarity with the WEC car Peugeot will field in the Hypercar class. For now, we'll have to wait and see. The Inception will be revealed at CES Las Vegas on January 5.


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