Peugeot Unveils HX1 MPV Concept Ahead of Frankfurt

Peugeot looks directly into the future with their upcoming HX1 concept that will be displayed at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

In this case, you could say that Peugeot is ahead of the times. Reason being? The French automaker has just revealed online their upcoming concept that envisions what an MPV will be like in the year 2020. It's called the HX1 and this diesel-electric plug-in hybrid comes with the most advanced version yet of Peugeot's all-wheel-drive diesel-electric Hybrid4 drivetrain. It will be making its live debut next month at the Frankfurt Auto Show.

According to Peugeot, power comes from a 204hp 2.2-liter HDi engine and a 95hp electric motor that's integrated into the rear axle. Electricity comes from a lithium-ion battery pack with plug-in capability. Power is sent to the front wheels via a six-speed automatic gearbox. All-wheel-drive mode is also available. Peugeot also claims the HX1 has an electric-only range of 18.6 miles, but has a combined fuel economy of 88.2 mpg. The concept is being described as a combination of Peugeot's future plans in the areas of aerodynamics, architecture, modularity, power plants and interior materials.

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It has seating for six, although it has a unique 4+2 configuration with the two middle seats being removable. As such, it's adaptable enough to become a versatile people mover or a spacious four-seater. The four half-scissor doors are also very interesting, which are hinged to the A- and C- pillars and rise in opposite direction to completely open up the cabin. There's no B-pillar and Peugeot claims the interior represents elegance and modernity with natural materials and many high-tech features. Peugeot also states the HX1 is unparalleled in its class from an aerodynamics perspective and its design allows for a drag coefficient of just 0.28.

It has alloy wheels with seven spokes that change shape to improve aero efficiency. The side skirts and rear spoiler on top of the tailgate also deploy when the vehicle reaches 62.1mph. More details will be revealed in just a couple of weeks from Frankfurt.