Could We See Peugeot's New Plug-In Hybrid Range In The US?

Plug-In Hybrid

New models may spearhead range when Peugeot finally returns to the States.

Peugeot left our shores back in 1991, its lackluster sales and drab models were mostly to blame but in the intervening years, the French automaker has developed some very stylish and desirable cars like the 308 GTI hot hatch, RCZ coupe and more recently, crossovers such as the 3008, which we don't get access to in the US.

Peugeot’s recent announcement of its latest plug-in hybrid engines for the 3008 SUV (we would see it as more of a crossover here) and 508 sedan/wagon show its commitment to developing more efficient technologies. If the company's 10-year plan to re-enter the US market pans out, we could well see these cars competing against similar hybrids from Toyota and Honda.

These new vehicles are more than just the marriage of an electric motor and gas engine, a complex drivetrain design will allow drivers to choose between various driving modes from fully-electric to four-wheel-drive and comfort and sport settings.

The 3008 will get this top-spec Hybrid4 system which provides four-wheel-drive and a combined 300 horsepower from two electric motors, one at each end, and the existing 200 hp turbocharged PureTech gas engine. That means a 0-60 mph time of close to six-seconds and a WLTP electric range of 30-miles on the 13.2kWh battery pack.

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The 508 sedan and estate get a slightly less powerful gas/electric combination which produces 225 hp but still offers the same all-electric range despite having a slightly smaller 11.8 KWh battery capacity. Both models will feature a new eight-speed automatic transmission dubbed e-EAT (Electric Efficient Automatic Transmission), no we don’t think it’s a very good acronym either.

Other energy saving systems such as i-Booster, a braking system which conserves power during deceleration, and e-Save, a setting which stores electric energy for planned routes ahead, will further help lower emission levels. All hybrid functions will be easily monitored with Peugeot’s i-Cockpit touchscreen system and a recharge time of under two-hours can be achieved with the use of a 6.6kW Wallbox.

European customers will be seeing these models in dealerships in early 2019, depending on what transpires with trade tariffs for imported vehicles, we may eventually get to see these vehicles in the US within a few years.

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