Phenomenal Cadillac Escalade Sales Spearhead GM's Amazing Start To 2021

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The Escalade is proving as successful as ever.

GM has been enjoying remarkable success with truck sales this year already, and that's just the start. With the company working to reduce delivery times, developing new batteries, and teasing new vehicles, there's no reason that the rest of its business shouldn't achieve the same success. But before these innovations and new offerings make their way to market, GM is already sitting pretty thanks to impressive sales figures in the first quarter of the year. It says that GMC and Chevrolet are dominating the full-size SUV segment, retail deliveries have increased, the Bolt EV is on a record streak, and income is at a high.

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GM's first quarter saw the group sell 642,250 vehicles, with retail deliveries increasing by 19 percent while fleet sales dropped 35 percent year-on-year. Considering how many businesses were temporarily or permanently shut around this time last year, those fleet sales shouldn't be much of a surprise. In the retail sector, sales went up even more than deliveries, increasing 27 percent. These gains were spurred on by full-size SUV sales which increased a whopping 132 percent, while Silverado sales went up 155 percent and large vans went up by 45 percent. The Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon also increased their combined sales by 58 percent.

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Cadillac was also a stand-out performer, with sales of the Escalade SUV jumping an astonishing 127 percent year-on-year. GM says that the Escalade's segment share is eight percentage points higher than that of its closest competitor, as per J.D. Power. Cadillac's crossover and sedans did well too, with the XT4 seeing an increase in sales of 30 percent, the XT5 improving by 15 percent, and the XT6 selling 22 percent more vehicles year-on-year. The CT5 jumped an impressive 60 percent too, but the most interesting numbers are surely those of the Escalade, especially since the cheapest model starts at over $76,000. Will the Lyriq do just as well? Only time will tell, but the signs look good.

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