Phenomenal Or Criminal? Office-K's Supercar Meet Breeds Difficult Dillemas

Are these outrageous designs genius or hideous?

We've already shown you many examples of supercars and luxury carsthat were given the Office-K treatment. Known for controversial designsadorning its modified cars, this Japanese firm never shies away from outlandishpaintjobs, outrageous rims, freaky body kits and in-your-face wraps. But clients seem to be happy with what they get, as owners keephanding over their expensive rides to its care. Now, Office-K gatheredmany of its creations in Motegi, Japan, allowing us to examine its handiworken masse.

Among the guests are some of the world's finest luxury and performanceautos, some of them featuring such eye-catching designs that they're bound tostir up some debate. Love 'em or hate 'em, the Office-K clan includes someincredible rides, from Lamborghini Huracans and Aventadors to Porsche 911s,Ferrari 458s, a Mercedes SLR McLaren and even a couple of representatives fromthe Bentley and Maybach families.There's even a BMW i3 that has been completely transformed into something we've never seen before. Check out the images in this gallery and tellus what you think: Is Office-K the epitome of personalized design, or shouldthis office be shut down for good?

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