Philippines President Ordered The Massacre Of Nearly $6 Million Worth Of Cars


Now watch it happen. Painfully happen.

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte isn’t someone who messes around. If he doesn’t like something (or someone), well, he has his, shall we say, odd ways to deal with them. Duterte has made a name for himself since his 2016 election for major crackdowns on corruption, crime and drug smuggling. While that’s all fine and good, Duterte often loves nothing more than to make a big public display of his policies in action. The Daily Mail has managed to get a hold of footage showing the massacre of nearly $6 million worth of confiscation vehicles that were reportedly illegally imported into the country.

Some of the cars destined for a crushing date with the bulldozer include some BMWs, Lamborghinis, Porsches, and even several motorcycles. And because Duterte is Duterte, he actually shows up in person to watch the destruction. He parks himself at a safe distance away and even wears safety glasses and a construction hate. You know, just in case a flying bolt were to smack him in the face.

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“I did this because you have to show to the world that you have a viable place of investment and business,” Duterte said just before the destruction display. “And the only way to show it is that you are productive and that you have the economy, to absorb the productivity of the population.” This isn’t the first time, and certainly not the last, Duterte has ordered illegally imported vehicles to be crushed. A total of $2.76 million worth of exotic car were also sent to the bulldozer earlier this year. Considering Duterte has four more years left of his six-year term, expect the next destruction date to be just around the corner.