Pick Up Truck Demolition Derby is Just as Fun As Any Other

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Beats having them waste away in the driveway.

The demolition derby is an odd event that appeals to almost all walks of life. Part of the reason for the attraction other than seeing cars get smashed in, is an appreciation for old beat up cars that are enjoying their last days in the sun, before heading out to pasture. Usually, you don't often see derby's with trucks though. They tend to last longer and provide utilitarian solutions for their owners. Yet all cars and trucks have to kick the bucket at some point and given the strength and power of pickups, they make for a good ram.

This type of event seems like something you probably would see in the rural US but these three Chevy pickups tried to bash each other senseless at an event that went down in Creston, British Columbia, Canada. See which one was left standing, so to speak.

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