Pick Your Track Weapon: BAC Mono Vs. Ariel Atom

Neither of these cars is normal (and that's why we love them).

The BAC Mono and Ariel Atom are for the type of person who may actually be bored with supercars. They’re seeking something equally thrilling, but with the ability to blow out their eyeballs. This is where these open-topped, single-seat fun machines come into play. Although they may look like track cars, they’re both fully street legal and wicked fast. They're not cheap, but owners will time and again tell you their car is worth every penny.

The name of the game here is aerodynamics and a power-to-weight ratio that can’t be matched by conventional sports cars of any kind. The Ariel Atom may have been the first to start this new trend, but the BAC Mono is working to perfect it. So which of these street legal track weapons is right for you? The way we see it, you can’t go wrong either way.

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