Pictures Alone Don't Do the 2015 Mustang Justice

2014 Geneva Motor Show / 132 Comments

Seriously, it's absolutely beautiful in the flesh.

By this point, you've all likely seen plenty of photos of the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang. Some love what they see. Others don't, while there are still plenty of undecided. Everyone's entitled to their opinion, but let us say it here and now: this Mustang is absolutely gorgeous in person. Hands-down. No questions. Both menacing and sexy combined. Compared to the outgoing Mustang, this new one is sleeker and meaner while still maintaining everything needed to keep its heritage alive and well.

It won't be mistaken for anything other than a Mustang – and calling it an Accord coupe copycat (like some have) is an outright insult. The 2015 Stang was designed for a global audience in mind, but it doesn't even some close to abandoning its American faithful. According to Darren Palmer, Ford's European Vehicle Line Director, about 1,500 Mustangs were imported to various countries in Europe for the past several years. So it was clear that there was a market for it overseas and those buyers clearly loved the Mustang for what it is and always will be: an all-American pony car.

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