Pictures Don't Do It Justice: The Ram Rebel TRX Concept Is Super Badass

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Please FCA, can you drop the "concept" part of the name.

It's about time we got to see this massive, testosterone-packed, in your face turck up close in the States. We've known about the truck since FCA's Ram division unleashed the beast a few weeks ago, much to the surprise of, well, everyone. Now that we have a prestigious US-based show to reveal the truck to the American market at, the LA Auto Show, we had a chance to take another look and see the reactions of others to the Ram Rebel TRX Concept. It looks like the interest is certainly there.

We're hoping that the head honchos at FCA and the Ram division were taking note of comments and the interest the truck received, because if they did then it's likely we could see the TRX Rebel make it to production. We'd love to see that, even in limited numbers, but there really needs to be more than one of these trucks. While it's a proper badass truck that makes you feel like you're man enough to take on anyone and anything, the selling point isn't the beefed up wheels, lift kit, race-inspired interior or any other visual upgrade - it's that 575 horsepower 6.2-liter HEMI V8. The monster motor is the meanest seen in a truck, and that's in detuned form, so if it hits the streets upgrades WILL be done.

It's put together well, solid and strong, which it needs to be considering the truck isn't just made for the tarmac, it's designed to go off road, and off road hard. Taking a close look at everything on the Rebel TRX, we can't really find anything that would be cut from a production model as is the usual case with concept vehicles. Two things we like, the pull handles and the harnesses would likely be changed to normal bits as seen in other Ram trucks, but they'd probably be offered as an option. With the Ram 2500-based Power Wagon being listed at a base price of $52,505, and the Charger Hellcat at around $66,000, if this monstrous concept goes to production we guestimate $70,000 will get you one.

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