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Pictures Of All-New Porsche Cayenne Have Been Leaked So We Can Start Judging

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Nothing is sacred anymore except for maybe the Cayenne’s styling because Porsche didn’t seem to want to change it much.

Porsche is only days away from peeling the wraps off of the all-new Cayenne we've been teased with for so long either through spy shots or teaser images from the manufacturer. The wait, however, is now over prematurely. Thanks to leaked images published by Auto Express, we now know exactly what the new Cayenne SUV will look like once the camouflage has been removed. If you're scratching your head at why there's a second generation Cayenne staring at you here and not the third-gen, you're not alone.

By the looks of things, Porsche is sticking with the 911's refresh philosophy by only making minor tweaks. These updates help keep the car relevant but are not striking enough to make for a night and day difference. It's only when the second and third generation Cayennes are seen together that the differences stand out. First up is the size of the front grille, which gets enlarged slightly to make it span the length of the front end. On the hood there are a few new creases and the headlights, which are now full-LED, look a slight bit sharper than the last pair. The most apparent change takes place at the rear where the individual slick feminine taillights are straightened out and connected by a full-length light strip.

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The new look seems to borrow from the one we see on the Panamera and gives the Cayenne an air of greater sophistication. The result of the new taillights is a look that screams "crossover" or even "hatchback" given that the high belt line and thinner looking hips make the new Cayenne look more like the smaller Macan. Porsche and its interiors that seem to age too rapidly for taste, has given the Cayenne an attractive upgrade with hints of Audi ergonomics along with slick modern German styling. So far as we know, the new Cayenne will bring the traits that make it one of Porsche's best-sellers—urban optimization and off-road proficiency—to its Frankfurt reveal.

It will be propelled onto stage by Porsche's best new engines, a 3.0-liter turbo V6 with 330 horsepower and a smaller but more powerful 2.9-liter turbocharged V6 engine making 440 horsepower. For now we can feast all we want on the new images, but we hope Porsche has a few better angles of the Cayenne in store for its release photo op.