Pike's Peak Drivers Tell Their Crash Story


In what could have been a horrible tragedy, the duo who survived a frightening over the cliff Pike's Peak crash tell their story.

There are motorsport crashes and there are seriously messed up motorsport crashes. Driver Jeremy Foley and his navigator Yuri Kouznetsov miracurously survived the latter in last summer's Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. In case any of you fine readers have forgotten that harrowing incident, the racing duo were speeding towards the end of the hill-climb as they approached a dangerous turn appropriately called the Devil's Playground.

The tires on their modified Mitsubishi Evo lost their grip as Foley attempted to make the difficult turn. In the blink of an eye, the car went off the cliff, tumbling and spinning all the way down the rocky terrain.

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The barely recognizable car was a mangled hunk of metal when the dust settled, but both Foley and Kouznetsov crawled out and walked away with only minimal injuries. This new video released by Recaro features the pair looking back at what happened and how each believed death was next as they tumbled end over end. They lived to talk about it due to modern safety equipment (like their Recaro racing seats and harnesses)... and, let's face it, quite a bit of luck.