Pilot Smacks Moving Car While Making An Incredible Crash Landing

Calls don't come much closer than this.

Big planes aren’t able to use public roads as landing strips (duh) but smaller planes sometimes do in the event of an emergency. One pilot in Los Angeles was recently forced to do just that, crash landing his single-engine airplane on a street in the city of Pacoima, California. The location of the crash was near an airport and witnesses say it sounded like the plane was having engine trouble before its landing. KTLA reports that four cars were damaged in the crash, including one that was struck by the plane as it landed.

This security camera footage isn’t great but it does show the car that was driving in the street and struck by the plane. Despite the damage, which included the plane’s right wing being sheared off, no one was seriously injured. Investigators are still trying to work out what went wrong. Photos by KTLA.

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