Pimp My Ride 1990 Toyota Celica Is For Sale And It Doesn't Look Pretty


The years haven't been kind since the show.

Most of you remember and maybe even watched MTV’s "Pimp My Ride," which ran for six seasons beginning in 2004. How could anyone forget Xzibit’s cornrows? Anyway, the show’s premise, for those who don’t know, was to take someone’s crappy car and customize the hell out of it. West Coast Customs initially did the transformations but was replaced later with Galpin Auto Sports. Honestly, we haven’t thought about Pimp My Ride in years.

That is until we came across this Craigslist ad for a 1990 Toyota Celica that was modified on the show. The years haven’t been too kind to it, as you can see by these photos. It was featured in season five, episode seven, according to Wikipedia. We also dug up the episode on YouTube. Everything is on YouTube these days.

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Shawna’s Toyota was "given mods like Lamborghini-style scissor doors, body kit, outrageous paint scheme and other related modifications." An Apple PowerBook, seven-inch touchscreen, and an iPod Nano (remember those?) were also included in the finished car, but those accessories are gone and are not included in the sale. Like we said, the Celica’s current condition doesn’t look good. Just look at the front end compared to what’s in the video and it’s obvious it was re-painted since the show aired. The Celica does have 230,000 miles on its odo and the asking price is $3,000, or best offer. But hey, it does come with an extra set of wheels.