Pimp My VAZ – Yes, Really

Da comrade, this is my ride.

Established in the late 1960s in collaboration with Fiat, AvtoVAZ, or VAZ is the largest company in the Russian car industry. All told, it builds about one million cars a year. One of its most popular models back in the day was the 2101, which was basically a reengineered version of the Fiat 124, but tailored for the Eastern Bloc nations. Built from 1970 until 1988, early versions even had a starting handle for cranking the engine manually if the battery died in those ever so wonderful Siberian winters.

And now we've found these sets of photos showing what current owners are doing to them to make them look more, how do we say, trendy. Some of the work looks pretty good, while others went wild with those huge spoilers. Either way, enjoy the photos.

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