Pininfarina Bluecar

Pininfarina has been responsible for some of the most beautiful things to ever come out of Italy, with the exception of Monica Bellucci (although, if they were responsible for that design, bravo). These days, however, they're trying to move away from styling exquisite Italian exotics and instead make their own cars, electric cars. They brought a concept, called the Bluecar, to Geneva to demonstrate what such a car might look like.

They have now entered into an agreement with Cecomp and Bollore to produce 4,000 Bluecars for use by Autolib, a French car sharing company. The Bluecar uses a new Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP) battery, which they claim will provide much greater range. No word yet on whether the Bluecar will also be made available to the public, but this new technology is likely to add a bit to the already high price of EV batteries, so they will probably wait for the price to come down.

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