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Pininfarina Brings Rare Gems To Turin

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Three Ferrari roadsters join three more Pininfarina concepts at the Italian expo

Italdesign, as we recently reported, is planning to showcase a stunning array of its designs at the Turin Auto Show this year. 30 in all. But it won't be the only Italian design studio present at the premier Italian motor expo. Also present will be rival carrozzeria Pininfarina, which is sending six of its historic creations to Parco Valentino for the big show. And first among them will be the Sintesi concept, which will be on hand to greet visitors upon their arrival at the Caselle airport.

Initially revealed at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show, the Sintesi was a futuristic shooting brake (of sorts) with Lambo-style scissor doors front and rear, opening outwards, unimpeded by any B-pillar. It featured an advanced hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain with electric motors at each wheel. At the show itself, Pininfarina will showcase four more of its concepts – including three Ferrari roadsters: the Sigma, the Mythos, and the Sergio. Though it still looks fresh, the Sigma debuted way back in 1969 as a sleeker take on a grand-prix racer. The Mythos debuted in 1989, based on the Testarossa to preview the F50 that followed.

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Much more recently, the Sergio paid tribute to the company's chairman in 2013, based on the 458 and later adapted for limited production. Along with the three Ferraris, Pininfarina will display the Lancia Florida II concept that debuted at the same show in Turin back in 1957. It was founder Battista "Pinin" Farina's personal ride, and previewed the Flaminia that Lancia would later put into production. Finally the company's current chairman Paolo Pininfarina will take to the wheel of the two-seat 1978 Jaguar XJS roadster concept at the Supercar Night Parade.