Pininfarina Drops An H-Bomb At Geneva With Its New Track-Ready Concept Car

2016 Geneva Motor Show / Comments

It's powered by hydrogen and can hit 186 mph.

Every car company out there knows the days of internal combustion are numbered. There's still life left in the suck-squeeze-bang-blow engine yet, but it's pretty common knowledge that, one day, gas and diesel will be phased out. However, no one knows what will be powering our post-petrol cars, and it's too early to put our eggs in the full-on EV or hydrogen fuel-cell baskets. If the outcome of the latter means we get cars like this new Pininfarina concept, then we'll bet everything we have on hydrogen.

Called the H2 Speed, this one-off design study is the fabled Italian studio's "innovative vision of a high-performance track car." That vision of Pininfarina's is of a future where hydrogen is king, as the H2 Speed's powertrain is a 503-horsepower hydrogen fuel cell/electric motor setup. According to Pininfarina, the concept is also an experimentation of different design cues, being as much inspired by the look of racing cars as it is a bespoke creation of its designers' wild ideas. One such example is the color scheme. Not only are the white paint and lurid yellow highlights nods to Pininfarina's Sigma single-seater concept from the 1960s but they also highlight the H2 Speed's core aerodynamic features.

The H2 Speed weighs in at just 3,131 pounds and has a top of 186 mph. It makes the 0 to 62 mph sprint in 3.4 seconds. Power is sent directly to the rear wheels with no transmission whatsoever. It's certainly one of the more outlandish concepts from the coachbuilders on display at this year's Geneva Motor Show. Whether or not the Pininfarina H2 Speed paves the way for a hydrogen-powered future is anyone's guess at the moment. If we do end up treading down that path, hopefully cars inspired by this potent Pininfarina are what we all end up getting.

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