Pininfarina Gives Itself 85th Birthday Present Called The Ferrari Sergio

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Bet your birthday presents aren't as pretty as this.

In celebration of its 85th anniversary, legendary design firm Pininfarina has presented itself with a bespoke Ferrari. Based (quite obviously) on the 458 Spider, the Ferrari Sergio Limited Concept will be limited to just six examples, with the first one making its live debut here in Geneva. Each car will feature a different exterior color and interior theme chosen by its owner. Yes, all six examples have already been sold. Notable exterior differences over the donor 458 Spider include a ventilated engine cover and unique circular taillights.

There's also a roll-bar with built-in air intakes and specially designed alloy wheels. Out back, there's a dual exhaust system and bespoke diffuser. The interior is mainly a carry-over as well, but Pininfarina added various special touches like sports seats wrapped in Alcantara and leather with red contrast stitching and plenty of carbon fiber trim. Also note the new flat-bottom steering wheel as well as the dashboard-mounted "Sergio" emblem. Power, of course, comes from that naturally aspirated 4.5-liter V8, this time producing 605 hp. The sprint from 0-62 mph apparently only takes three seconds. Pricing wasn't officially announced, but Ferrari Sergio buyers are anything but poor.

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