Pininfarina H500 Sedan Teased As Electric BMW 3 Series Rival

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Pininfarina will be showcasing two more concepts at Beijing later this month.

Pininfarina has been churning out copious amounts of concept cars for Hybrid Kinetic Group over the last year. The Hong Kong-based startup first teamed up with the Italian design house on the H600 sedan shown at last year's Geneva Motor Show. This was followed by the five-seat K550 and seven-seat K750 crossovers at the 2017 Shanghai Motor Show. Then they revealed the HK GT concept a few weeks ago at Geneva, an electric grand-tourer that's faster than a Huracan Performante.

If that wasn't enough, the two companies are gearing up to present another two concepts at the Beijing Auto Show later this month. Ahead of the show, Pininfarina has previewed one of the two concepts. Called the H500, the concept takes the form of a range-extended electric sedan that that "combines elegance and sportiness, pure shapes and sophisticated details, designed for dynamic lifestyle seekers." Pininfarina also claims the H500 "presents the leading edge technology developed by HK for the drive system, with battery, electric motors, central control unit, and range extender."

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No technical details have been provided, but the previous concepts offered an electric range of 620 miles, so we expect the H500 will have similar specifications. From the preview images, the H500 sedan sports a conservative design compared to previous Pininfarina concepts, featuring four doors, a sloping roofline that should provide ample rear headroom and similar proportions to the BMW 3 Series and Tesla Model 3. We also get a sneak preview at the futuristic-looking interior, which features a digital dashboard and center display along with a smaller screen located in the lower center console.

The Italian design house recently announced it wants to become a luxury electric carmaker, so the H500 could preview the company's future design direction. Other reports have suggested Pininfarina will produce an electric hypercar to take on the Bugatti Chiron and a trio of electric SUVs. The H500 will be revealed at the Beijing Auto Show on April 25 alongside another unannounced concept car.

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