Pininfarina Is In A Financial Crisis: Will It End Up In The Dumps?!

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Or can the legendary design house be saved?

Pininfarina is known for making truly stunning cars for wealthy car enthusiasts and Ferrari. It gave us the gorgeous yet funky FF along with the Sergio for late designer Sergio Pininfarina. It also gave film director and Ferrari enthusiast James Glickenhaus the epic P4/5 one-off. Unfortunately, Autocar reports that Pininfarina "has been operating at a loss for some years" and now has a debt of around $57 million! That hurts our hearts; we don't want Pininfarina to close like Bertone.

Luckily, Autocar reports that Indian auto giant Mahindra & Mahindra is stepping in to acquire Pininfarina. There are no reports of what Mahindra will do once it takes control of the Italian brand. However, the shocking thing is the coachbuilding company's value. Autocar reports that Pininfarina is only worth around $116 million, which is surprisingly low for a brand that's been working not only with Ferrari but also with Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Alfa Romeo and others for nearly 80 years. Even with the brand name placed on nearly every Ferrari sold, is it fair for Pininfarina to be worth only this much?

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