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Pininfarina's 1,800-HP Electric Hypercar Gets A Nose Job

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Electric hypercar gets a nose job on the road from concept to production.

After months of teasing, Pininfarina took the wraps off the Battista at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show a few months ago. But as design-driven as the brand may be, the final form wasn't complete then, and it isn't still. Automobili Pininfarina will keep refining it over the months to come, but it's showcasing a further-honed version this weekend at the open-air Turin Auto Show at Parco Valentino, just across town from its headquarters in Cambiano.

Following further aerodynamic testing, the Blu Iconica show car (pictured below) features a revised front end compared to the previous design (further down).

The updated nose is said to "have redefined the front of the Battista and reinforced its hypercar look and feel, presenting an even greater visual connection between front and back." Gone are more intricate earlier design elements like the narrow intake strip extending below and between the headlights, and the black notch that had been carved out of above it. Also changed are the shape and graphics of the headlights themselves, giving the electric supercar a smoother front end. Whether that's a step forward or backward is largely a matter of taste, but that's precisely what Pininfarina is known for.

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"The design teams at Pininfarina and Automobili Pininfarina worked hard together to present a work of art at Geneva this year," said Paolo Pininfarina. "But we never stop aiming for perfection in car design, so are pleased to be able to add design details to the front surfaces that, I believe, reinforce the Battista's elegance and beauty."

The next step in the Battista's development will see it undergo further aerodynamic testing in both simulators and in the wind tunnel before former F1 driver Nick Heidfeld can begin fine-tuning its performance on the track.