Pininfarina's Hyper-EV Gets A Name

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1,900 horsepower ought to live up to the founder's reputation.

Pininfarina has a long history of designing and even manufacturing vehicles for other automakers. But now it's preparing to launch a line of electric vehicles under its own name, to be headlined by a new world-beating hypercar. We've known it until now as the PF0, but that's not what it'll be called when it enters production.

The carrozzeria turned automaker is naming its debut hyper-EV the Battista, paying homage to its founder Battisa "Pinin" Farina. And from what we know so far, the car that will bear his name looks poised to live up to it.

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Previewed in these latest images, the Pinfinarina Battista will boast 1,900 horsepower and 1,700 lb-ft of torque to reach 62 in under two seconds and top out at over 250 mph. Go lighter on the "throttle" and it'll travel over 300 miles between charges, all without emitting a single carbon molecule or burning a drop of fossil fuel (depending, of course, on the local power grid's source).

Given the core of Pininfarina's expertise, you can count on it looking the part too, cloaked as it will be in carbon-fiber bodywork that will assuredly be as eye-catching as it is light-weight.


Only 150 examples will be made – 50 of which will be allocated for the United States – priced around $2-2.5 million.

This won't be the first car named after its manufacturer's founder. That's just what Ferrari did with the Enzo, and Maserati with the Alfieri concept. Opel did the same with the Adam city car. And Bugatti named special editions of the Veyron after Ettore Bugatti and his son Jean. Pininfarina also created a four-door Ferrari concept in 1980 called the Pinin (using Battista's nickname), and collaborated with the same on the Sergio roadster, named for Battista's son and successor (and based on the 458 Spider).


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