Pininfarina Set To Design 1,000-HP Electric Truck

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This is going to one good-looking truck.

Hercules Electric Vehicles is one of the newest players in the automotive game but has already forged strong partnerships and will form a symbiotic relationship with Nissan. The US-based automaker will use the Nissan Titan as a base for its own electric truck, giving it a headstart over other new startups. Hercules will have more support than just that, however, as reports have reached us that prestigious Italian design house Pininfarina - which is working on its own EV for the first time - will design the new electric pickup for Hercules, called the Alpha.

Hercules Electric Vehicles Hercules Electric Vehicles Hercules

Details on the agreement are scant but we do know that Pininfarina will design the Alpha and "other future products" for Hercules. However, we have some reservations as Hercules has claimed that the Alpha will not only offer up to 1,000 horsepower but that it will be ready by 2022. Considering that we're only just learning about the agreement with Pininfarina, that seems like an extremely ambitious timeline. However, as Hercules EV Founder and CEO James Breyer highlights, Pininfarina is one of the best and doesn't just agree to work with anyone.

"Pininfarina is the world's foremost designers of performance and luxury automotive products with over 90 years of experience designing vehicles for Ferrari, Maserati, and Alfa Romeo. We wanted to engage the best to create a truly unique and differentiated product in our Alpha."

Pininfarina Pininfarina

Pininfarina's Giuseppe Bonollo, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, says that the partnership is an exciting one: "Pininfarina has always been at the forefront of electric mobility. We bring to this new venture with a North American partner our ability to develop a new design language having in mind both our client's brand identity and our shared commitment to environmental sustainability."

It all looks very rosy and intriguing, and we can't wait to see what the truck looks like when it arrives late next year. Here's hoping we're not talking about another Lordstown; we'd love to see this venture succeed.

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