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Pininfarina Showing Three Versions Of Same Hypercar At Geneva

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The 1,900-hp Pininfarina Battista EV debuts next week.

Next week at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show, Pininfarina will unveil its first-ever production EV hypercar. Called the Battista, named after the company's founder, production will be limited to only 150 examples with just 50 heading to the US. Today, Pininfarina has released yet another teaser of the hypercar, showing the left front wheel, and confirmed that it will be revealed in three different specifications.

The first is called the Grigio Luserna Battista and it features anodized aluminum detailing and accents in satin Blu Iconica on a satin grey body. It also includes a unique wheel design and duo-tone black and tan interior. The second Battista hypercar is finished in a shade of Blu Iconica that Pininfarina claims is close to its traditional shade of Pininfarina blue.

It also has hood and wing-mirror modifications that visually link the hood to the windscreen via carbon fiber blades. The front wing sitting above the front LED light strip is also split into two to help reflect the hypercar's rear wing graphic and unifying the overall design. The third Battista has a white pearlescent exterior called Bianco Sestriere and its aim is to demonstrate to prospective buyers the vast number of customization possibilities. This car has red trim between the rocker and door and near the wheels. There are also red brake calipers. Along with these three Battistas, Pininfarina's parent company, Mahindra, will also unveil a Battista-inspired Formula E livery for the racing team.

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Regardless of how buyers choose to spec their cars, each carbon fiber-bodied Battista will have a total output of 1,900 hp and 1,700 lb-ft of torque courtesy of its electric powertrain. Zero to 62 mph will reportedly take less than two seconds and top speed is in excess of 250 mph.

"We wanted Battista to be very Italian, with sensual curves to give back a feeling of the cars of the '60s and the moment in time when sensual design in cars was to the fore and when Pininfarina really became iconic," said design director Luca Borgogno. "The body form speaks this Italian language, with the details developed in collaboration with each car's owner adding the accents and personality." Full details and plenty of live photos are coming your way next week from Geneva.