Pininfarina Unveil Official Teaser of Cambiano Sedan Concept


The acclaimed Italian design house has teased an official shot of their new concept, which is set to debut in Geneva this March.

Leading Italian design house Pininfarina has announced their intention of bringing an eco-friendly sport sedan concept to the Geneva Motor Show on 6 March, and with the announcement comes their first official teaser shot. Named the CAMBIANO, Pininfarina claim their concept is 'an elegant and refined sport sedan conceived with great attention to the environment, both as to the engine and as to the [choice of] materials.'

The unique name is a tribute to the city that houses the headquarters of the Pininfarina Group, which in 2012 celebrates a double anniversary: 30 years of the Styling Center and 10 years of the Engineering Center. More images will be released on the Pininfarina Facebook page in the coming days.

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