Pininfarina Will Join VinFast At Paris Motor Show 2022 To Showcase New Hydrogen-Powered SUV

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The NamX is the newest contender in the niche race to normalize hydrogen fuel.

VinFast, the fresh boutique EV company from Vietnam, will display its current lineup, consisting of the VF 8 and VF 9, at the 2022 Paris Motor Show next week. These two electric SUVs penned by Pininfarina will soon hit the global market to challenge the likes of the Tesla Model Y and Model X. Joining the duo on the brand's stage is Pininfarina's NamX concept, revealed to us earlier this year as the first hydrogen-powered SUV with removable capsules for quick refueling.

The NamX concept merges these six capsules with a fixed tank to give the SUV a claimed range of just under 500 miles. Using the fuel capsules, future owners of this car will have access to a decentralized, energy distribution model. This is a vital innovation when you look at how scarce hydrogen refueling stations are in comparison to regular gas stations and even electric charging points.


The NamX concept will continue to work on making hydrogen mobility a more standardized means of fueling. Leaders of the project continue to work alongside the most prominent members of the industry in an attempt to revolutionize it for daily use. There's no word on what these innovations will be, which leads us to believe that the project may still be in its infancy.

Pininfarina had a hand in designing this concept as well. As you can see, it opted to go for a muscular look for the bulk of the body which is complemented by aggressive graphics. Some retro touches can also be noticed around the head- and taillights.

Pininfarina Pininfarina

Pininfarina and the NamX are not the only names getting in on the hydrogen scene. We're already well-informed that both Toyota and BMW are pushing this fuel source for passenger and racing applications. Porsche and Hyundai are two more names that are trying to introduce this fuel as a more eco-friendly alternative to gasoline.

The VinFast VF 8 and VF 9, due to arrive in the USA by the end of this year, will enter the market with a rather odd $35 to $44 battery lease package in order to make it more financially appealing to buyers who don't wish to hold on to the EV for an extended period.

Pininfarina takes pride in the design it penned for these newcomers and explains that the brief was strongly based on sustainable mobility. The appearance aims to be stylish while representing a smart and safe driving experience.

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