Pininfarina Will Reveal New Luxury Electric Sedan Concept At Geneva

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Pininfarina say its new H600 electric sedan concept will have "new energy propulsion."

As we know, legendary Italian design studio Pininfarina will be debuting its intriguing new supercar concept, the Fittipaldi EF7 Vision Gran Turismo designed by two-time Indy 500 winner Emerson Fittipaldi, at this year's Geneva Motor Show. Turns out this isn't the only new car that will be on display at Pininfarina's stand, however, as the company has teased the H600, a new smart-looking concept EV that will also debut at this year's Geneva show in March.

This EV concept is being designed and manufactured by Pininfarina for Hybrid Kinetic Group, a Hong Kong-based company which specializes in the development and manufacturing of hybrid vehicles. Details are very scarce at this early stage, but Pininfarina describe the H600 concept as a luxurious sedan that's "both elegant and comfortable." More intriguingly, the H600 concept will apparently be propelled by a form of "new energy propulsion" to create "a perfect combination of pure design and eco-friendly technology." Pininfarina isn't giving us much to go by in the accompanying teaser image of an extreme close-up shot of the rear end.

All we get to see are thin taillights and a prominent Hybrid Kinetic Group badge displayed on the trunk. While the H600 will no doubt be an elegant EV concept based on the company's previous creations, we can't help but crave more coachbuilders from Pininfarina after it showed us what it could do with the stunning Ferrari Sergio Limited Concept. Expect to see more of the H600 in the run-up to its reveal at Geneva this March.

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