Pininfarina Will Sell Its 500-HP Hydrogen Race Car For $2.5 Million


The H2 Speed Concept can do 186 mph and is headed for production.

Earlier in the year at the Geneva Motor Show Italian automotive design house Pininfarina dropped one of the year's craziest cars, the H2 Speed Concept. It was meant to show that cars powered by hydrogen could look cool and go fast, with the H2 Speed reportedly topping out at 186 mph and making the run from 0 to 60 mph in a cool 3.4 seconds. Automotive News (AN) recently caught up with Pininfarina CEO Silvio Pietro Angori, who announced that 10 examples of the H2 Speed Concept would be built.

Angori's statement to AN confirms what Paolo Pininfarina himself told us at Geneva: "We'll build no more than 10 for the track with FIA homologation." But unlike Mr. Pininfarina, Angori actually offered up more details on the project. The H2 Speed Concepts produced will make at least 503 hp (like the concept), with power being sent to the rear wheels via two electric motors. Angori called it "a racing car for gentleman drivers" which is an apt description as it'll be only track-legal and cost $2.5 million. Despite the odd look of the car and its high price tag the company is expecting to make a profit on the H2 Speed. A running prototype is said to arrive sometime in early 2017 and customer deliveries should begin 12 to 14 months later.

If you aren't a big fan of the H2 Speed Concept then you may not like what Pininfarina has coming up. Angori told Automotive news that the speedy eco-car is "the exemplification of what we intend to do going forward." We'll admit that this car certainly looks a bit too futuristic for its own good but it's hard to argue with those performance figures. That price tag does seem a bit high but we have no doubt that Pininfarina will find at least 10 people willing to drop $2.5 million on its latest car.

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