Pink Widebody Datsun 240Z Powered By Classic Nissan V8 Engine

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The shocking pink exterior hides a VH41DE V8 under the hood.

While the Datsun 240Z is commonly built with Nissan's L Series straight-six engines, Farah from Malaysia decided it would be a good idea to shoehorn an eight-pot mill into the coupe. Called the Devil Pinko, the build's name is quite apparent, with the striking paint job quickly capturing attention even at first glance.

However, the build isn't just about the color. It's powered by a VH41DE V8, a naturally aspirated Nissan engine from the '90s. It was found in luxury cars like the Infiniti Q45 and other massive Nissan sedans from the '90s, making 266 horsepower from the factory - more potent than the straight-six mill in the classic Nissan Z predecessor.

sufiyanazlan/Instagram sufiyanazlan/Instagram sufiyanazlan/Instagram sufiyanazlan/Instagram

The 240Z already had the famed RB26 inline-six when Farah acquired the unit in 2016. Instead of going to an EV route, she thought a V8 would better fit her desired build. For the uninitiated, the RB26 was put on the map by the Nissan Skyline GT-R, thanks to its incredible motorsports achievements.

Farah said her decision to change the engine was simply because she wanted to make a change to the car. She started the build in 2020, but the progress was hampered due to the pandemic. Fast forward to 2023, and the coupe is now rocking the 4.1-liter V8 mill, giving it its unique sound and character.

sufiyanazlan/Instagram sufiyanazlan/Instagram sufiyanazlan/Instagram

The Devil Pinko is fitted with the Star Road Fighter V1 body kit, which almost looks subtle except for the wide fender flares with asymmetrical wheel gaps. The widebody package includes a set of wheels with intricate designs and wrapped in Yokohama Advan tires.

The pink motif is carried into the interior, as seen on the stitching on the seats. The headrests also come with a script that reads "Retro Havoc," referencing the most prominent auto show in Malaysia owned by Farah and her husband, Alie.

Farah said some work is still needed for the VH41-powered 240Z, making us look forward to the finished product.

sufiyanazlan/Instagram sufiyanazlan/Instagram

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