Pinky And The Brain And The Ford Mustang Are Much The Same


The 'Global Model' strategy is paying off for Ford's most iconic nameplate - global domination is where it's at, but patience is key.

For the first time, in, well, forever, Ford has a car that's in so much demand countries like England, Australia and South Africa actually have a waiting list of new buyers keen to get their grubby paws on one. According to Automotive News, the waiting lists are impressively long. While this is nothing new for the likes of BMW and its flagship M range or Mercedes and its strong of AMG offerings, this is new territory for Ford. Why exactly is this happening though?

Basically it boils down to that original, iconic Mustang from the late 1960s. It created such a stir as the original muscle car, that everyone wanted one. But they were only available in left-hand drive thus creating worldwide demand. In Europe, Australia and SA they only allow (legal) sales of right-hand drive cars and so access to the Mustang was not an option, but with the launch of the new Global Model strategy that Ford has adopted on many new models, these cars are now manufactured in RHD and have been put on sale in these previously untapped markets: 81 countries now sell the new Mustang.

Since production of the RHD version started a year ago, Ford has sold over 27,000 units, which is a big number especially considering the premium prices asked for the car outside of the US. According to Automotive News, the Mustang is the top-selling sports car in Saudi Arabia, the UAE, South Africa and Germany. Yes, Germany! Even in the US, Mustang sales have overtaken the Camaro for the first time since 2009; segment share is up to 46 percent from 37. This is great news from the brand, but not for people attending shows where Mustangs are showing off. With Mustangs in the vicinity, you need to check the road at least five times before crossing.

Automotive News reports Mustang's chief engineer, Carl Widmann, as saying Ford has a backlog of seven months for the EcoBoost 4-potter and nine months for the 5.0-liter V8 and that time can grow depending on where you're ordering a Mustang from. You could order a new Mustang, have a great date night with the missus, and have two new babies arrive at the same time. Just don't forget to order a baby seat.


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