Drag Race

Place Your Bets: Porsche Cayman Drag Races Caterham Seven

Check out this battle of high power vs. light weight.

In Evo’s latest drag race battle, the UK publication paired up a Porsche Cayman S with a Caterham Seven Roadsport 140. The premise was the two-seat performance sports cars are both a hoot to drive and have similar power-to-weight ratios. The Seven serves up 140 hp from its 2.0-liter four-pot and with a curb weight of just 550 kg has a 255 hp/ton power-to-weight ratio. The Cayman, with its 321-hp 3.4-liter flat six and 1,320 kg mass, comes in at 246 hp-ton.

On paper then the Caterham has the edge. But as you’ll see, the Porsche has plenty of tricks up its sleeve to leave the lightweight Seven for dead.

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