Planning To Buy A Ford Mustang Mach-E? Know This First

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The Ford Mustang Mach-E is, perhaps, the Blue Oval's biggest and most important new vehicle debut in years, perhaps this decade. The all-electric crossover represents Ford's future in so many ways. Technology, design, and performance and handling are the main factors and Ford will be judged as to whether the final product delivers on all levels and then some. The stakes couldn't be higher. So far, the public's reaction has been solid with approximately 32,000 pre-order reservations and counting. Not bad for a vehicle that only debut in late November and whose final pricing has not been announced.

And speaking of pricing, anyone who has or is considering purchasing a Mach-E needs to be aware of something that's likely to happen: dealership markups. A member of the Mach-E Club forum recently spoke to Jason Mase, who is in charge of Ford's electrification marketing strategy, about various Mach-E-related topics, among them pricing.

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A direct question was asked regarding the possibility of markups even for current reservation holders and Mase confirmed that since Ford doesn't set pricing, it's ultimately up to dealers to decide. Remember, Ford, like every automaker, issues a Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) for dealerships to go by, but they can adjust it as they see fit. Markups are not uncommon, especially for highly sought after new vehicles.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon was one such markup victim. Even the Toyota Supra, which is not being built in limited numbers like the Demon, experienced some insane dealer-imposed price increases. In one case, a Supra First Edition was listed for over $100,000.

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Mase also stated Ford will soon be contacting customers who've placed reservations to confirm their vehicle's specs. At that time, they can change things such as color, RWD to AWD, and battery pack size if they so choose.

Once the reservation gets turned into an order, Ford will refund the deposit. However, if the dealer where the order is booked requires a deposit, then refunding the money will be up to them. Males also confirmed the following: "Very soon we'll update the website to include more product detail. We'll also be emailing and communicating with anyone who has a reservation about the product, some of the cool insights and next steps in the ordering process."

Also, Ford will debut a new lease-type allowing buyers to either use the federal EV tax incentive to spread out across the monthly fee or use it all at once on their taxes.

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Source Credits: Mach-E Club

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