Plans For Jaguar's F-Type Follow Up Revealed

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The alleged plan has not been confirmed by company execs.

When Jaguar gets around to replacing the F-Type in 2022 its successor will significantly depart from the current formula, both in terms of looks and powertrain.

According to AutoExpress, the new model could be called the J-Type, a name which the brand trademarked last month. The new model will feature a mid-engine layout, along with the eventual addition of hybrid and pure electric technology. The move, which sounds an awful lot like Chevrolet's plan for the Corvette brand, could see Jaguar better positioned to fight with other entry-level mid-engine sports cars.


The new car will bear little resemblance to the current F-Type, and will allow the brand to resurrect the beautiful proportions it used so effectively on the C-X75 concept. The report claims at least two electric motors will feature, to give four-wheel drive and to supplement a mid-mounted V6 engine which should allow it to compete with the McLaren 570S and Audi R8.

It's believed the platform will be powertrain flexible which would also allow the brand to develop a fully-electric version with little hassle. Allegedly, Jaguar's engineers are quite keen to see what becomes of the Porsche Taycan project as it develops.


However, some of the details regarding the plan don't quite add up. Alleged sources claim Jaguar is using the Acura NSX as a benchmark, but no one who buys an Audi R8 or a McLaren 570S is remotely interested in an NSX. The claim regarding a V6 engine is most dubious, however, as the F-Type's current supercharged V6 is a relic of the Ford supply chain and will be replaced in short order with Jaguar's own house-made inline-six cylinder.


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