Playboy Bunny Gets Hot with Gallardos... in English

A trio of Lamborghini Gallardos lusted over by hot blonde Playboy model Irina Olhovskaya.

The last time we saw our favorite blonde Playboy model, she was speaking in her native Ukrainian and sexing up the ZAZ 968 Zaporozhets, a cheap utilitarian mode of transport made for the working people of the former USSR. In Irina's latest installment, she has for the first time given us some insight into her grasp of the English language, and we're happy to report that (much like the rest of the blonde bombshell's oral skills) it's satisfyingly nice and firm.

Thanking her fans for their loyalty while planting some kisses on a white Lamborghini Gallardo, as ever the blonde bombshell manages to hold our attention while doing little more than looking and sounding sixty-nine shades of sexy.

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