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Playboy recently released an article, titled Vintage Thunder, which gives their picks for the ultimate classic car dream garage. The six cars named are pretty much no-brainers for classic car aficionados. These cars are the 1956-59 BMW 507 Roadster, the 1961-68 Jaguar E-Type Series 1 Coupe, the 1964 Pontiac Tempest/Le Mans/GTO, the 1955-57 Chevy Bel Air Nomad, 1969-73 Ferrari Dino 246 GT and lastly, the stunning 1963 split-window Corvette Sting Ray.

With the notable exception of the BMW, all of these cars have a going rate in the sub-$100,000 range. Playboy suggests that any of these would make an excellent investment, and they give some tips for how to care for your investment, including what oil to use and how to wash it. We tend to think cars should actually be driven, but Playboy probably does have a point about their investment potential. Coming as absolutely no surprise to anyone who has "read" Playboy in recent years, the illustrations provided aren't actually photographs, but rather entirely airbrush work.

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