Playboy Lists their Top 25 Postwar Era Cars

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The consummate men's magazine has compiled a list of the best cars from 1945-on.

Nothing stirs up a great debate in the automotive world than a "Top-anything" list. What may be a brilliant auto for one might be the bane of another enthusiast, however one thing is for sure - passion for cars returns us all to our high school days of attempting to yell over one another until the loudest and most adamant wins. The arguments between a Porsche 959 fan and someone with an obsession for the Ferrari F40 could simply go on for hours, and now 'Playboy' has their own opinions.

Automobile personalities and authors Ken Gross and A.J. Baime were tagged to compile Playboy magazine's Top 25 Cars of the Postwar Era list and the names mentioned (and names excluded) are sure to arouse some serious debate. The top three consisted of the first place Ferrari GTO, then the Porsche 911 and the Shelby Cobra. The most notable snub was the Ferrari F40 and, really, how can you choose a 458 Italia over that piece of art on wheels? Let the debate begin and check out the full gallery of the Top 25 Cars of the Postwar Era below (that's 1945 and on, for the kids).

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