Playboy Picks its Car of the Year

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With 2012 coming to a close, Playboy celebrates the cars that will be lighting up showrooms in 2013.

Consummate men's magazine Playboy occasionally takes time out from posting pictures and videos of sexy women to share its thoughts on sexy metal, and has followed up its top 25 postwar-era cars list with a list of its 2013 Cars of the Year. Without stipulating their criteria, automobile authors Ken Gross and A.J. Baime took a selection of cars that have been making the headlines this year and in typical Playboy style "drove 'em all hard and put 'em away wet." These were whittled down to a list of a dozen cars headed by the Porsche 911.


As well as picking its car of the year they consider "the greatest sports car of all time," Playboy also highlighted its choice for 2013's Hottest Roadster (Mercedes SL550), Slickest Sport Sedan (BMW M5), and Bang for Buck (Subaru BRZ/Scion FR-S). There's a random shout-out for the Cadillac ATS, the McLaren 12C picks up the Hottest Exotic award, while odd categories of Responsible Ride and Most Versatile go to the MazdaSpeed3 and Audi Allroad, respectively. Head to the website for the full list, and if anyone asks, you're checking out Playboy for its opinion on cars, not to update your screen-saver.

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